Magic Softshell - Anchors - Aqua

Designer: S & W Textiles

by the 1/2 yard

Magic Softshell - Small Anchors in Aqua

Is it magic or not???

We guess it's time to find out!:D

With Magic Softshell you are definitely setting trends. The Softshell seems to look like a normal solid color, BUT wait until it's starting to drizzle outside. Then your jacket shows its real details and the print stays visible for at least 20-30 minutes. That's so exciting not even for kids, adults will also enjoy a unique outfit, not everybody can purchase in stores.

Super smooth softshell fabric with a soft reverse side. Great for jackets, pants, vests or diapers.
It's water repellent, wind deflecting, elastic, heat insulating and you get max. breathability.

100% Polyester
Width: ca. 59" - 150 cm
Weight: ca. 315 gsm

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