SnapPAP - Washable Paper

Designer: S & W Textiles

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SnapPAP - Washable Paper in Leather-look

SnapPAP is a washable paper that looks like leather. 

It is 100% Vegan is a mix of Cellulose and Latex, it's eco-friendly, NO PVC, NO BPA,
NO Pentachlorophenol. It is tear-proof, wear-resistant and now the best part: 

You can sew with it, tape it, glue it, paint or print colors on it, add vinyl, stamp it, engrave it, dye it. You can put it in the washing machine and dryer and it's good for labels, wallets, bags, pouches, use with grommets and Applique.

And it's Made in Germany!

100% Vegan
Width: approx. 0.55 mm

Size: ca. 25 x 30 cm

Choose between 5 incredible colors: Black, White, Gray, Dark Brown and Brown

  • You can wash it up to 60 degrees Celsius/ 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For a Vintage look, crumple it really hard into a ball and add it to your regular wash.
  • Before you wash it, it feels like cardboard - afterward, it will feel like leather
  • You can iron the SnapPap with hot temperature or steam, it will become smooth again.
  • Paint, stamp or dye SnapPap with any kind of permanent or washable paint, markers, pencils etc. 
  • Sewing with SnapPap: Use a regular Sewing machine or overlock - NOTE: Do NOT use your blade or fabric scissors on the paper as it will blunt your blade!! You can use any needle but if you use more layers of paper you might consider using a thicker needle or one for leather.
  • Use wider stitches, the narrow ones can cause the SnapPap to break or tear after washing.

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