Organic Cotton Jersey - Ice Cream Unicorns-Mint

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Designer: Tygdrömmar

by the 1/2 yard

Organic Cotton Jersey - Ice Cream Unicorns in Mint

Today these adorable Unicorns have play time, hop over rainbows and enjoy some ice cream. That's what real Unicorns do, right?

Ice Cream Unicorns is designed by Tygdrommar in Sweden and 100% Organic, printed by a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified manufacturer in Europe. That's why the fabric likes to be pre-washed warm up to 40° C. The colors used are eco-friendly that's why we do not recommend using so many chemicals and a gentle wash. Using the dryer always destroys the fabric surface a little bit at a time, so line-dry is the best option to keep your fabrics and future clothes as pretty as day 1.

Cotton Jersey is a stretchy allrounder, perfect for all elastic sewing projects. Jersey Knit is very comfortable to wear, is breathable and gives a perfect fit. It's not possible to imagine sewing without this fabric anymore.

95% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex
Width: approx. 63 inches - 160 cm
Weight: 200 gsm

Free of harmful substances. Choose Organic Fabrics - For the love of your family!

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