Reward Points


How do I earn Reward Points at Frollein S?:

You have to be a registered retail customer at to benefit of our reward points system.
With every USD 10 you spend at, you will earn 1 Reward point, which equals USD 1. When you have a purchase amount of USD 130 (excl. shipping and tax), you will receive 13 Points = USD 13.

I'm registered as manufacturer, will I earn Reward Points at Frollein S?:

As being part of our manufacturer community you won't be able to earn reward points, but you will have a constant discount depending on volume.

How do I use my Reward Points?

When you access your shopping cart, you will have the options to add vouchers, reward points or coupon codes. Here you choose the option reward points.
Reward points convert 1:1, e.g. when you have 20 Reward points, you have $20 you can spend at

Can I use all my Reward Points at once?

You have the option to redeem a max of 10% of your reward points with one purchase, i.e. when you have $50 sub total, you can apply 5 Points = USD 5 at checkout. The website will let you know, how much you can apply in one shopping trip.

Will my Reward Points expire or can I keep collecting endlessly?

Your points will automatically expire after 365 days of purchase date. We recommend checking your account on a regular basis and use your points throughout the year.