Cotton Jersey - Mellow Leaves-Atlantis Cotton Jersey - Mellow Leaves-Atlantis

Cotton Jersey - Mellow Leaves-Atlantis

Designer: Mamasliebchen

by the 1/2 yard

Cotton Jersey - Mellow Leaves in Atlantis-Aqua

Leaves are slowly falling from the trees and we are getting ready for Fall. This very soft Cotton Jersey is a beautiful coordinate fabric for all ages.

95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Width: approx. 59" inches - 150 cm
Weight: 220 gsm
Shrinkage: +-5%

The fabric is manufactured in Germany and it likes to be pre-washed warm up to 30° C. Use a gentle wash, no fabric softener, avoid using the dryer, which may destroy the fabric surface a little bit at a time. We recommend to line-dry (not in direct sunlight)
as the best option to keep your fabrics and future clothes as pretty as day 1.

Cotton Jersey is a stretchy allrounder, perfect for all elastic sewing projects. Jersey Knit is very comfortable to wear, is breathable and gives a perfect fit. It's not possible to imagine sewing without this fabric anymore.


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